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New Release Tuesday by jason

It’s Tuesday, again: the day the record store calls out it’s siren’s song, guiding my bank account into the rocky reef of poverty. Or something like that. Anyway, a bunch of stuff came out this week, and I can’t afford to get most of it. ‘Tis a tale of woe, to be sure.


Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3-Propeller Time
I’ve been listening to Robyn Hitchcock ever since Perspex Island, and he’s only gotten better. I haven’t gotten any of his releases with The Venus 3, which is something I should go correct immediately. I briefly met Robyn Hitchcock once. It was weird. Ask me about it sometime.

Murder by Death-Good Morning, Magpie
I already have this one on vinyl. We’ll have a review up soon. I SWEAR. Jayson’s going to write it, but he ordered from Vagrant Records, and so he has to wait until the end of the week because he has the worst luck, like, ever that’s the way these things go. Anyway, I briefly met Adam Turla once. It was cool. Ask me about it sometime.

Elliott Smith-Roman Candle
Great album. It’s being released on Vinyl, along with From a Basement on a Hill. I want this. I briefly met…no. No, I didn’t.

There are some other albums that I’d be interested to hear, like the new Slash album, Melissa Auf der Maur’s new one, and that thing by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim. But I have to show some restraint, right?



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It’s not even bad luck. It’s that Vagrant/Merch Lackey do not understand how a preorder works. I had preorders placed with Relapse and Sargent House and they got here on Monday. Vagrant/Merch Lackey is either negligent for shipping on Monday or they didn’t want to let it out early which is uncool.

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