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Friday/Spring/Reacting to things on other blogs. by Jayson

It’s springtime! Which means I trade not wanting to do anything because the grim, icy grip of winter has crushed my soul for not wanting to do anything because it’s nice and balmy and the beer in the cooler on my back porch will not drink itself (I tested).

The official song of this spring, and every spring since 1995 is:

Actually the whole ROIR Sessions album is the album of spring. I got that back as a teenager, and somehow it’s always been just the right thing for this time of year.

I read about Huntress on Invisible Oranges yesterday. They look at the band from a credibility standpoint. The band is credible, the singer is professionally sexy, and therefore not. From the standpoint of a dude sitting in a chair, I like it. It’s Maidenesque. My ears approve of the sound.

Usually on Friday I do Who wants to be my friend? Only one this week, but it’s all good.

Otto Vanderhymes.

Otto has good flow, and has kind of a mid-90s vibe going on. It reminds me of some back in the day shit. Old people like that. I’m feeling this. There is not much more to say. Do you like good hip-hop, click on the link then.

Friend: Yes
Buy: Yes

Lair of the Minotaur have a new album coming out soon. I have listened to War Metal Battle Master about a hojillion times. They have a video for Evil Power up. It is so evil that it was banned from YouTube. Like their last one, it is full of gore and tits and (to me anyway) unintentional hilarity. You can view this piece over at Metal Injection. If you view it at work, you will be fired instantly.

YouTube Actually let them keep the War Metal Battle Master video up though. Honestly I like both the video and the song better than Evil Power, but not a ton better. This is also filled with gore, nudity and hilarious dismemberment.

Very NSFW. Do not click play. You will be fired instantly if you click play at work..

I have 5 tapes from Earjerk Records that I have yet to listen to. I am waiting for this thing to come out, rather than set up my old stereo again. I do not want to delay saying what a great guy label owner Tony is. My original order got lost in the mail somehow. I hope whoever got it likes ambient drone. Tony sent me the tapes I ordered for free. I find that especially awesome from such a small label. Thanks a lot, Tony!

– Jayson


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