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The next big thing. by Jayson
April 1, 2010, 10:34 am
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Will be the biggest thing there ever was.

You may have heard us mention this before. Jason and I are looking for singers, dancers, choreographers, autotune experts and venture capitalists to come on board with us to help create the first music sensation of the second decade of the 21st century.

Our vision:

It’s a well documented fact that music for tweens continues to be a growth market. However successful the current approaches have been to date, they’ve also been formulaic to the point of stagnation. It’s hard to argue with success we know, but the freedom to innovate is a core principle of the market economy.

Our goal is to package the rebellion of youth in the edgiest, but safest, most marketable package to date. Picture, if you will the rebeliousness and ‘edgy’ nature of ‘heavy metal’ music combined with the high energy, nascent sexuality and perception of safeness of popular and successful boy bands.

The exciting moves of modern hardcore dancing, re-imagined as perfectly choreographed dance routines. An overall edgy image of heavy metal combined with the most popular tween fashion trends, available across an entire spectrum of readily available products.

This is boycore. This is ENSYNCHE.

We all know the popularity of boy bands wanes and tweens begin to age out of the target demographic and begin to develop their own, more rebellious identity. Preliminary statistical calculations show that our formula will extend the window of earning potential a full two years past previously successful tween oriented musical products.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and shape modern music and marketing forever. Serious inquiries only.

– Jayson


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Lance Bass shall be the Rob Halford of the boycore scene.

Comment by jason

Fully epic.

Comment by ymatt

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