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Review: Failures’ Union/Bedford Falls split 7″ by jason
March 31, 2010, 10:51 pm
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Again, in the sake of full disclosure, I’ll admit that I have been online friends with Tom Willecome of Bedford Falls for years. What can I say? I know a lot of people.

Failures’ Union/Bedford Falls split 7″

It’s funny, or maybe sad, that I’ve been online friends with Tom Willecome for years, yet this is the first thing of his I’ve owned. Bedford Falls is a 4 piece rock band out of Cardiff, Wales. Their MySpace page describes their music as “melancholy punk rock,” and I can see that. I would actually describe the sound of their original song on this 7″, “Wilmington,” as the sound of my high school years, only with a funny accent. Actually, I had written that before looking at the MySpace page, which describes their sound as “Mid ’90’s US indie rock. With Cardiff accents.” Great minds think alike, and so does mine, apparently.

The other song they do on this, “Useless Facts,” is a cover of a Failures’ Union song. On this one, Willecome sings over a piano, sounding a little like Marc Cohn, without the country influence, in a good way. Like, nothing like “Walking in Memphis.”

The other side of this record features Failures’ Union. I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of these guys until this record, but their good. They kind of remind me of the Gin Blossoms, but again, in a good way. And louder. And with harsher vocals. So maybe the Gin Blossoms aren’t the band to compare them to, but my gut still says that’s right. Take it up with my people.*

Anyway, their first song on here is a cover of Bedford Falls’ “Astro City 0.5,” which is a pretty rocking song, and the second one, “Replaced” is great, too. After hearing this, I’m going to have to check out their other stuff and watch for them to tour around Ghettotown, Ohio. These two songs aren’t enough to make me fall in love with the band (I need three songs before I’ll let myself form an opinion….that’s the jaynova Rule of Three), but they have definitely caught my interest.

You can order this split 7″ from the Failures’ Union Website.


*jason HAS no people-editor’s note.


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