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Review: Autechre – Oversteps by Jayson
March 26, 2010, 9:19 am
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Since To Eleven is run on the hobbyist level, everything we currently review are things that have been purchased. As of yet we do not receive promotional review copies of anything so the amount of things we can review are somewhat limited. With that in mind, we present guest reviews by Matt.

– Jayson

I am a big Autechre fan, but I do not know how to write about their albums in any evocative way.  Their music hasn’t sounded similar enough to anything else to make analogies since about 1994, and I increasingly tend to think of it as the creation of a hyper-dimensional AI that was briefly captured in the Gantz Graf video as it passed through our plane of reality.

If that’s true, I think the HDAI reached a logical conclusion with the last album and is now reintegrating lessons learned over the past 18 years, bringing some depth and resonance to the intricate structures it’s built up.  It sounds like All of Autechre, resynthesized.  There are passages of real beauty and complexity here, woven from compositional elements that were born over 9 albums and as many extended EPs, and with no shortage of new ideas and sounds.

Also I think it’s the first ecopak cardboard CD sleeve that I actually like design-wise.

– Matt


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