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Review: Pajo – Scream With Me by Jayson

It is possible that I have played myself.

This history lesson: David Pajo used to play guitar for Slint. If you don’t own Spiderland, you should go get that.

This is an album of lo-fi, acoustic Misfits covers. I read about it on Buddyhead. I listened to a few tracks and bought it.

I don’t know why. The words handmade and limited edition may have had something to do with it. Also way back in the day Evan Dando did this with Skulls and I thought it was pretty good.

This is one of those deals where, I feel on reading the description of this album, people will either become monumentally offended because they just love the Misfits that much and have no lives or they will want to check it out either from morbid curiosity or because they’re indie rock scum and someone should stomp on their Wayfarers because you look like an idiot wearing those some a scarf and a t-shirt.

Or they might just kinda like it.

Anyway, I blacked out and bought this. It is aggressively lo-fi. Like it was recorded on a pretty decent tape deck with a pretty decent mic, but it was still recorded on a tape deck. This comes with a CD and a record. I listened to the CD for the review and you’re treated to really really prominent tape hiss throughout the whole thing.

Some of this works, some of it doesn’t. Lacking the energy of the original versions, most of the a-side: Angelfuck, Hybrid Moments, Where Eagles Dare and Bullet just fall completely flat. The b-side fares much much better. Teenagers From Mars, Devil’s Whorehouse, I Turned Into A Martian, and Horror Business all have a desolate creepiness that really sounds good for these songs. However, Attitude, the last song, also falls flat. It’s just not happening for this type of cover.

The actual package itself is super nice. I love the artwork. You can tell Black Tent Press takes a lot of pride in craft, going the handmade route.

Pajo – Scream With Me is available on Black Tent Press.

I’m gonna stick this on my shelf and maybe someone will be impressed with it one day.

– Jayson

Update: This grows on you. Hybrid Moments and Where Eagles Dare are sounding damn good to me now.


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