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Review: Daughters – self titled by Jayson

As I inadvertently but relentlessly become a bigger jerk I find it harder and harder to say nice things.

So quite a few people are into the new Daughters album. They seem to like it, so I picked it up. This is one of those deals where I feel awkward, because out of that quite a few who like the album, quite a few are other bloggers who have greater wit, writing ability, and better taste than I do. People I respect and like to read.

Oh well.

I’m stuck on the vocals on this. Singer guy from this band sounds exactly like singer guy from PENTHOUSE/50 Tons of Black Terror. So much so that I thought it was the same guy and looked it up. It’s not that same guy. Both of those guys sound like guys trying to sound like David Yow from the Jesus Lizard.

It also kinda reminds me of Mclusky, who also at times remind me of the Jesus Lizard.

This band sounds like two bands I really like that sound a lot better than they do and one band that I think is ok that sounds about as good if not more original. So I find myself asking myself “Why not just go listen to The Jesus Lizard and Mclusky?”

I’ve got no answer to that.

– Jayson


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Fair enough.
I’ve not heard anyone compare them to Mclusky before, but I kinda get the idea.

Did you like Hell Songs/QM/

Comment by Jake

Never listened to it, actually.

Comment by Jayson

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