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No you don’t. by Jayson
March 17, 2010, 11:54 pm
Filed under: Metal, Why???

While not really feeling terribly bad, everything I write lately is about things that annoy me. I see no reason not to keep the trend rolling and it really is a lot easier than writing about why something is good.

I like when I am reading the marketing copy about a band it’s something like “the band believes that all humanity is a cancer and will consume everything in sight, ultimately destroying itself.” Because if you feel that way the best way to convey that message is by forming a band and selling cds, and t-shirts. Someone has to have made a ‘You are a cancer on the world.’ shirt by now. That’s what Ted Kacynski should have done! Like, if you’re going to take this ultra hard line philosophical stand, shouldn’t you be living it?

With some bands there is this phenomenon that I’ve seen in at least half a dozen interviews. It starts out with whoever asking the band about the new album and they’ll say something like “Truly these are the end times, you can see the raw animal panic in man’s eyes and smell the bowel chowder running down his legs. Humanity is doomed and we are the grim witnesses. We rejoice in the fires of man’s demise.”

And like… three paragraphs from that, they’ll start talking about how great it was to get together in the studio and how awesome the tour has been so far and how great the fan support at the shows has been.

This is ultimately pretty meaningless, I don’t know why it razzes me.

– Jayson

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