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Trouble Books show at the Low Life Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio. by jason
March 15, 2010, 8:24 pm
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This Saturday, one of my favorite bands, Trouble Books, played a show at the Low Life Gallery in Cleveland, and I was there.

One thing you may not know about me is that I get lost easily. I mean, if I have to leave the ghetto, for any reason, I take back-up so that when I get lost, my navigator can redirect me before I have a panic attack. unfortunately, I had no one to accompany me, so I made the trip solo.

I only had one panic attack, and my phone’s GPS talked me down from that, so I was pretty successful, I think.

Anyway, the show. You may have read me talking up Trouble Books HERE, HERE, and more recently, HERE. If you haven’t heard these guys, check them out.

Trouble Books: Sommer Tolan, Linda Lejsovka, Mike Tolan, Keith Freund. Not Pictured, because I fail at camera: Gabe Schray.

The Gallery was a nice venue for these guys. They have a certain intimacy with each other on stage (possibly because there are two married couples in the band), so they seem to make sense in a small space, even though their music has a distance to it. It was cool being able to be so close to the band to be able to join in the stage banter as a few listeners did, while surrounded by the art of Joshua Rex.

Trouble Books played a variety of songs from The United Colors if Trouble Books and Gathered Tones, plus a few others including my favorite track of the “Softscraper + 4” Ep, “Only in My Dreams”. I was happy to hear some other favorites as well, including “Strelka” and the show closer, “Personal Tornados.”

My only complaint would be that the vocals were hard to hear, which is a shame. Keith is really sounding more confident as a singer on this album, and Linda has a certain lack of confidence that enhances the innocence of their songs, making them sound more dream-like. The few times the music got quiet (such as on “Personal Tornados” or “Only in my Dreams”) she sounded great. The sometimes drowned -out vocals didn’t mar the otherwise awesome show, though.

After the show, I talked to Keith and Linda for a few minutes, I got keyboardist Sommer Tolan to sign a copy of her Rough Giraffe CD, Songs for You, and I almost went with them to The Suckers and The Local Natives show at Beachland. However, I had to make the trek back to Ghettotown USA, which, believe it or not, is not Cleveland.

To sum up, great show by a great band made up of a bunch of great kids. If you get a chance to see them, do it. Or, you could BUY THEIR MUSIC.



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