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Review: Eleh – Location Momentum by Jayson
March 12, 2010, 11:37 am
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Eleh - Location Momentum

Previously writing about Eleh, they were something of a mystery to me. I had stated that I honestly didn’t know what their deal was. Eleh is pretty mysterious in it’s approach, I still don’t know anything about the group or person behind the name. The big issue is what you can find online. Eleh has extracts of their music only. Just a few minutes of ‘Heleneleh’ on Touch Records and a bit of Homage to the Square Wave and Homage to the  Sine Wave on Taiga. I had previously speculated that listening to the extracts might like starring at map through a soda straw and trying to figure out what it was. That’s exactly what the situation is here.

After reading about the detailed speaker positioning instructions for the two Homage series albums on Taiga’s site, I was a little intimidated to review Location Momentum. I honestly wasn’t sure that my hardware spec was sufficient. I turned this over to longtime reader and commenter Matt, to subject it to the audiophile listening experience:

When I hear a 4-minute sample of an album that sounds like an unchanging hum, I do not know what to think.  This could either go noise-concept album, or it could be some engaging ambient music.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.  You’re not putting this record on while you do your taxes, but if you’re having an evening of listening, there’s a lot of development within the continuum of the thing.  Particularly the first track reminded me of some of Lustmord’s early stuff (Where the Black Stars Hang has been reissued, by the way — buy that) or SETI, but with the surface details stripped way.  You have this lush bed of pulsing hum that different modulations and shifts of pitch emerge from when you weren’t paying attention.

We’re still deeply minimal here, but it’s good music not just a concept.

I concur.

Eleh – Location Momentum is out on Touch Music.

– Jayson


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