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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera (80s Edition) by jason

Once again, it’s time to explore that asshole with a guitar and a camera can put his or herself on the internet and have complete strangers watch.

In this installment, I’m looking at assholes covering 80s songs.

Here’s NylonCover12 covering one of my favorite songs from the 80s, Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ “Come on Eileen.”  This makes me a little mad because when I play this song on my guitar, I try to do what he’s succeeding at here…playing the song to sound as sad as the first verse.  He has much better guitar skills and a better voice, too. Asshole.

Next, here’s hassantinoable singing New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle.”  If you can get past the little routine he’s doing for the first 1:22 of this, it sounds great.  I love this song.

AND finally…well, I’m an asshole, too.  I’ll spare you all the explanations and backpedaling and just present this: Me (aka jaynova) playing the Psychedelic Furs “Pretty in Pink.”

I’ll sneak away in shame…



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The first two assholes sucked pretty bad. Jaynova was pretty damn good! Thank you for not taping it from your bathroom…

Comment by Meighan

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