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Review: High on Fire – Snakes for the Divine by Jayson
March 10, 2010, 3:06 pm
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Ok… let’s talk about me for a minute before I talk about the record. I want to admit that I have a little problem with expectations. I have Motorhead Syndrome. When I really like something for what it is, I generally don’t want it to change, I just want more of it. So going into this review, that’s coloring this record for me.

This is a good album, even a really fucking good album, but I don’t feel like it’s a great album. It’s the slightly experimental album, which I knew was coming. What that sounds like, is that you got a bit of Crack the Skye in with my Snakes. Not that it’s anywhere near the jump Crack the Skye was from Blood Mountain, I really do mean a bit. It’s just a lot of the songs are longer now, 6-8 minutes and go to a quieter place where you’ll stop headbanging and playing air guitar to say ‘huh?’ before the rocking starts again. If you have liked everything High on Fire has done so far you’re not going to dislike this. If you’re me, stuck in 2005 and hoping for another ‘Devilution’ you’re not getting exactly that and you may feel a biscuit of disappointment. I will also throw out that I am digging the ‘b-side’ of this album a lot more than the ‘a,’ the last three tracks slay.

Unfortunately the video for Frost Hammer, the first single, is not Youtube yet. It’s on Pitchfork of all places though.

Embedding it does not seem to work either. I bet we have to pay WordPress $20 or something.

That being said, I found the original edit for ‘Devilution’ so enjoy. There are some titties in this, so don’t get fired.

– Jayson


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