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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera by jason
February 24, 2010, 8:55 am
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Everyone’s a celebrity on the internet!

As you know, occasionally, I like to point out those people who get out a guitar (or other musical instrument) and sit in front of their cameras for all the world to hear. Some of these people probably shouldn’t do this, and others…well, they’re pretty good.

Our first “asshole” is johnnyonline. He’s one of the good ones. Sure, he’s aided by some sound and vidio editing equipment, but he’s still good.

And here’s Radiohead, doing it on Letterman:

The second guy, lampidistelami12, is covering The Mountain Goats song “This Year.” I tell you this because you may not recognize it. This guy is literally learning how to play guitar online, so if you look at his later videos, he’s getting pretty decent in a short amount of time. This video is an endless source of amusment in the Mountain Goats fan community, but we like to encourage this guy. He’s got more balls than many of us do. Rock on, lampidistelami12. Rock on.

Here’s the original:

If you like any of these videos, go to their respective YouTube pages and tell them that you saw them here. And be nice, people.



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You might not recognize it + The Mountain Goats = certainty.

Comment by Jayson

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