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There may be such a thing… by Jayson
February 23, 2010, 10:50 am
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… as too ambient.

Eleh Logo

I am on a lot of mailing lists now. Yesterday it was brought to my attention that Eleh have a new one out. So, having no idea who that was, I had to check it out.  Eleh doesn’t have a MySpace account either, so it’s like… we’re really going one step beyond here. Here’s the official description:

Eleh began as long ago as 1999 as an exploration of analog synthesis, emphasising low frequency oscillation and resonant acoustic phenomenae. Eleh highlights the physical presence of sound as it has been inspired by the physical world. There is also something ‘cathedral-like’ and cosmos-inducing in the sound built.

Honestly, after reading that my credit card was already clearing my wallet, but I decided to take a good listen. Eleh basically is the most pure ambient I’ve ever heard, but I’m not sure this is a good thing. The thing I said previously about drone is also true about ambient (they’re cousins in my mind), that is ambient is great when it’s both ambient and dynamic at the same time. Eleh really doesn’t do that, it sounds like a hum, with very minor, quiet oscillations.

Now, to be fair there are a couple of variables at work here. Maybe my speakers aren’t registering part of this, although I kinda doubt it. Also, everyone who is distributing Eleh’s stuff has gone the route of having song samples. So what you’re hearing is one minute of much, much longer tracks. So like… maybe it takes a long time to spool up.

I still kind of want to pick this up. It might be boring. At the same time maybe it is magical and rad and you need the whole album to experience it. Regardless, I like their aesthetic.

Eleh – Location Momentum on Touch

Eleh – Homage to the Sine Wave and Homage to the Square Wave on Taiga

Eleh on Important Records

– Jayson


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