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Who wants to be my friend? by Jayson
February 19, 2010, 5:34 pm
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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I think bands have heard of me. That or like, even though bands are still using MySpace to get their music online easily, bands are not reaching out to individual bros in hope of making a fan.

Colossus of Destiny
I’m hoping these guys aren’t kidding. Roughly 1/5 of the smaller bands using MySpace think it is super extra hilarious to put some random shit in the music style. Like ghettotech or Christian hip-hop. I want to hear the country/hardcore/metal combo though. I am really curious. Unfortunately all they have is one 1:28 long teaser track named Teaser. It sounds Melvins-ish. I wonder because the Melvins actually put out an album called Colossus of Destiny if what we’re getting for real is a lot of Melvins-ish stuff. I hope they put more stuff up soon.
Friend: Sure, why not.
Buy: No idea, need to hear a lot more.

Beard actually wrote me and said since I was friends with Boris, I should check them out. I really like this. Guitar, Theremin and sequencing. Sounds like, riffs, cool sound effects, and a solid undertone of noise. This is like the band of the future, go listen to this. Just great drone. (Drone is great when it’s both droning and dynamic at the same time) I have no idea what’s up with the name though, that’s more confusing than Sunn0))).
Friend: Yes

Le Baron Vampire
Le Baron Vampire also wrote me a not saying they were a post-hardcore bnad looking for friends. You know, this one is on you, readers. You’re going to have to ask yourself how you feel about post-hardcore. Are you offended by silly rock names and a goofy list of influences? What does the term beardo mean to you? I like this. I still like post-hardcore. I have a beard. I am giving this band the nod. This is good stuff.
Friend: Yes
Buy: Yes

This is also good, but more menacing than Beard]+. Not that that’s bad. A little menace never hurt. The industrial part of the sound is the most readily apparent thing. It reminds me of a slightly softer Godflesh. But yeah, industrial all the way.
Friend: Yeah, why not
Buy: I dunno, maybe

– Jayson


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How do you pronounce Beard]+ ? Hell, I still haven’t figured out how to pronounce Sun0))).

Comment by jaynova

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