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With a capital D. by Jayson

Since he is hooked up again and drunk on the blood of saints and martyrs broadband internet, Jason has been trying to cram 3 years worth of missed internet viewing into a week. He is sending me a lot of links.

One of them was to the trailer for Until the Light Takes Us:

While this is kind of a new thing for him, this is old news for metal heads. Honestly, this is also one the parts of metal that makes me vaguely embarrassed to even be alive. I said to him “I can’t take this seriously.” and I have a hard time seeing how anyone can.

I’m honestly getting tired of hearing about this. The church burnings. The murder. It’s 17 years on already.

Let’s take everything that’s really extremely dorky about metal and base a lifestyle around it. That is in large part what black metal is to me. It’s something that I balance with the awesomeness of most of the music, but there is a concrete lack of objectivity in it’s evaluation. It’s actually amazing that people will rip on power metal, but take black metal with the utmost seriousness. Black metal may be more serious lyrically, but is frequently less ridiculous. Maybe Count Grishnackh and Lord Manhammer can play Dungeons and Dragons together. At least that’s what it makes me think of. Honestly, has the KISS thing ever been addressed? Someone has to have asked someone in the scene about it sometime, right?

It’s almost tragically hilarious to hear people born and raised in a country with a high standard of living and the benefits of socialized care talking about survival of the fittest.

I am especially tired of hearing about Varg and hearing Varg speak. Varg reminds me of the kid who has gone for 18 years without having a thought, takes a class in religion or philosophy and suddenly has grand ideas. He’s a Satanist but not a Satanist and a Nazi but not a Nazi. At least not this week. I get it, religion is a crutch for the weak and a tool to control people, something that people tell themselves in order to force some meaning into their pathetic lives; totally unlike an ideology of racial superiority…

I know the movie company wants to people to see this, and I would watch it, but a handful of wieners committing felonies isn’t a cultural uprising. You’re thinking of the French Revolution or something.

Listening to these guys talk is why Dethklok is funny.

Try not to believe in things. Most people frankly aren’t qualified to have a belief, and when they go ahead and do it anyway it almost always makes the world a shittier place.

– Bad News Hughes

Now I’m not even going to say the founding fathers of black metal made the world a shittier place. However making great art from your beliefs ultimately doesn’t lend them any validity. The capital D isn’t for Darkness, it’s for Dumb.

– Jayson


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