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What I’ve Been Watching by jason

Now that I finally have an internet connection in my ghetto-assed apartment, I’ve been cruising around the internet, seeing what I’ve been missing this last 5 years. Drunk with all this new internet power, I have been pursuing the virtual shelves of Hulu..

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are some good music documentaries and whatnot on there. So I thought I’d recommend a couple that you can watch for free.

Dig!-People will tell you that this is about the rivalry between The Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Don’t listen to those people. This is really all about the Brian Jonestown Massacre showing the world how not to be a successful rock band, with the Warhols acting as foils. A fascinating documentary about two bands that I don’t listen to. I doubt I can listen to BJM after this…Anton is just too much of a dick.

Storefront Hitchcock-Robyn Hitchcock is one of my favorite musicians, and this 1998 concert film by Jonathan Demme is one of my favorite concert films. Actually, the soundtrack is my favorite Hitchcock album, and I usually don’t like live albums. It’s that good. Anyway, great performances, great surreal stage banter, and you can watch it form free. So DO IT.



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so Dig! teaches you how to be awesome?

Comment by chris buckridge

I’ve seen Brian Jonestown Massacre three times and can’t remember them. It’s not like I was blotto, it’s just like they barely made an impression.

Comment by Jayson

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