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Hey, Amanda…you’re trying too hard. by jason
February 11, 2010, 12:10 pm
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OK…here’s the thing. I like Amanda Palmer. Kind of. I mean, I listen to her music. I own, and enjoy, the first Dresden Dolls album. I’ve heard most of the songs off of Who Killed Amanda Palmer?, and I liked them as well.

At the same time, I find her irritating. I follow her on Twitter, and she is kind of like the Warren Ellis of the musician tweets. (For those who are unfamiliar with Warren Ellis, the comic book guy, not the musician, look him up on the internet because he apparently lives there.) She always posts TwitPics of her naked and covering her naughty-bits, or of her doing various “artistic” things, or , more recently, of her drooling all over Neil Gaiman.

So, she’s started a new project called Evelyn Evelyn with Jason Webley. It seems to be some sort of concept thing, and in theory, I like concept things. However, when Spin interviewed the band, it became obvious that Palmer is trying way to hard here.

Here’s an example of this nonsense, from the interview:

When did you first discover your desire to write and perform music?

We were in the circus and they gave us a ukulele and we played it then, but we didn’t know how and now we are better — we learned chords on the computer. We play the piano and the guitar and now the accordion too. We wrote our first song about an elephant, but they are dead now.

In the past, I’ve liked concept bands. I mean, the interviews with Gorillaz were some good stuff, and I own the first Dethklok album. I dunno….maybe concept bands only work when they are animated. Maybe I’ve just had enough of Palmer. Either way, this just strikes me as a bit too much.



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It’s like when you make the conscious decision that your personal brand is going to be “weird and dark” you have nowhere to go but down, ultimately.

Comment by Jayson

fair enough, though it should be pointed out that amanda was away on yoga retreat when that interview was done with spin.

let me rephrase that……the interview wasn’t with her/she had nothing to do with it.

Comment by indeciSEAN

Also: not trying hard enough, as this

was not “official”.

Comment by Ade Brown

I’ll admit it, though…that’s a good song. I am basing my “trying too hard” on the interview, which may not be Amanda.

Comment by jaynova

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