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Do middle aged people like this? by Jayson
February 9, 2010, 9:52 am
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Ok, so last week the only quasi-interesting thing that happened during the Grammys was this:

I was going to buy a Cadillac until I heard Major Tom.

Lincoln’s music site.

So it turns out that the music in the MKZ commercials is by an actual band. Which is weird. This whole thing is weird. Not to be biased but I thought that the younger (56) crowd Lincoln was targeting was all about classic rock.

So you have Lincoln fav Shiny Toy Guns doing a cover some classic rock thing. Looks like they’re seriously holding it down on the commercial and movie soundtrack fonts. Maybe that’s not a bad way to go. Looks like they’ve been around for a while, but I was too busy stockpiling assault weapons doing woodsy things when electroclash had it’s 15 seconds of fame in 2007 to have ever heard of them.

Lincoln is also promoting The Duke Spirit (wasn’t Buddyhead pushing them like 3-4 years ago?) and Poe (seriously?).

Do Lincoln drivers really care? Is this a misguided attempt to build a lifestyle brand? Is any of this music relevant to the mid-late 50s crowd that is Lincolns younger demographic?



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So here’s how it went down:

Ford executives say “Cadillac is gaining traction with a younger audience now. Lincoln is our Cadillac. Marketing people, make this happen.”

The marketing people do a wide ranging study of the tastes of the target demographic. They put together some stuff and focus group it. It does okay, so they bring it back to the executives. The executives say “oh, did we mention that we don’t want to alienate the current, older Lincoln buyer? Yeah, do that too.”

So what did the marketing team come up with after a wide ranging and expensive study trying to define a new style that redefines Lincoln for a younger audience, but doesn’t scare off older buyers of the brand? This. A nonoffensive modern rock-pop outfit playing covers of classic rock tunes. Classic marketing by brute force.

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