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What I’m listening to by jason
January 28, 2010, 1:46 pm
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True story. YEARS ago, I was watching MTV at, like, 2AM. This was back when they actually showed videos, so that’s why I was watching it. This song came on that was…odd. It was real bouncy and happy, and the video almost looked like an amateur video. Still I liked the song, but didn’t think to write down what it was called or who did it.

Several years later, in a dream, the song popped back up. I woke up, and remembering the chorus of this song, I looked it up on the internet. It turns out it was called “Hey, Hey You Say” by a band called Papas Fritas. According the the web site that they had at that time, their claim to fame was that MTV played one of their videos, “Hey, Hey You Say,” once, and only once, at 2AM one night.

Here is that video:
Papas Fritas-“Hey, Hey You Say”

And here’s the one song you have heard of theirs…it was in that Dentyne Ice commercial.


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That reminds me of a really awkward exchange I had with Eddie Spaghetti. He was manning the merch booth at a show when the Supersuckers were doing one of their country tours. I bought a shirt and he autographed it and wrote ‘Some shit.’ (’cause when he said what should I write? I just said ‘just write some shit.) Anyway, being superfan #1 I said ‘I’ve been a fan of you guys since I saw the Born With a Tail video on MTV at like… 2 AM.’ He said something like ‘Yeah, we really thought things were gonna happen then.’ and I felt like shit for bringing it up. What could I say ‘Well dude, at least you got me for a fan!’ I’m sure that would have made it all worthwhile for him. Oh well.

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