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Losing my faith… by jason
January 27, 2010, 1:06 pm
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by jason

I loved the 1st Iron Man movie. I usually complain about comic book movies because, when I’m not being a music snob, I’m a comic book geek. Iron Man got all the right things right, and it changed only what needed to be changed for the medium.

However, the more I hear about the upcoming sequel, the more worried I get. There’s like about 10 bad guys to many, and Mickey Rourke plays Whiplash, and it looks like he has nothing to do with the comic book version of the same character.

However, I’ve been giving the film makers the benefit of the doubt. that is, until I saw the soundtrack listing over at Spin.

Um…every song is by AC/DC. The soundtrack is, as the article points out, essentially a Best Of album.

I’m sorry, but I don’t like AC/DC. Like, at all. Never have. I don’t mind an AC/DC song on the soundtrack. Hell, put a few on there. But we’re going to be hearing them through the entire frickin’ movie? I’ll bring my earplugs.

Here’s the video for “Shoot to Thrill,” from the movie:


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I don’t remember much soundtrack music in the first movie at all, so maybe this is one of these things where like there’s one song featured prominently and then little incidental clips where somebody has some tunes on in their car for a few seconds. But since they licensed the music they figured people would buy an AC/DC best-of album, so why not.

I hope?

Comment by ymatto

Just because you don’t like AC/DC doesn’t mean they aren’t completely awesome. They are completely awesome, that’s just being factual. Iron Man is like, a kick ass dude. He’s a boozing, womaniznig, man of action. You can’t have a soundtrack that revolves around songs sung by bored girls about lesbians writing a sociology paper. That song fits that video. You can’t throw a press conference about being an awesome superhero and throw on the new Belle & Sebastian (thanks, Dick). Maybe it’s too much AC/DC, and they should throw some Electric Six in there. Maybe they should throw some brutal ambient, electronic or glitch/shred in too, but like… AC/DC is totally awesome.

Comment by Jayson

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