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Two old guys (well, one old guy and one guy who is slightly younger) at the show by jason
January 22, 2010, 10:51 am
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Last night, I rolled out of the ghetto and Jayson stumbled out of the woods to go to the Walkies & Fast Molasses and the Flavored Blacks show at the Akron Art Museum.

We missed most of the Walkies’ set on account of a cheeseburger that Jayson had to have, but it’s cool because a) I’ve seen them, and b) I don’t have a car, so the fact that I made it for the second band was enough for me.

The Walkies at the Akron Art Museum

I like going to these shows, but I feel old when I go. All around us, young scenesters, the girls in their home-made rags and the boys in their girly pants, gave each other ironic fist bumps and gathered in their little groups. I felt a little out of place. It’s like I told Jayson, if I lived in Akron, I’d probably be hanging out in Highland Square, and these would be my peeps. But I don’t and they’re not, and they make me feel out of touch with what’s considered “cool” in the Rubber City.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. I love the music of the Akron Scene, especially the stuff by Bark and Hiss records (and I noticed members of Talons’ in the audience, and Keith from Trouble Books was walking around, though I think he works at the museum), and I think that I can say that I like it objectively. These aren’t my friends, and these aren’t my hometown heroes.

Anyway…the show. I heard the last song the Walkies did, and it was cool. Then, during a sound check that went on forever, I got a $4 Cardinal Ale and waited eagerly for Fast Molasses and the Flavored Blacks.

Fast Molasses and the Flavored Blacks

The band came out, and they were…good. I mean, technically good, but kind of bland. I dunno. Really, I think a big part of it was that they were kind of quiet, and sound travels in weird ways at the museum. Jayson had promised to walk out if the scene got to bad, or if the music just sucked, and we stayed for the whole thing. So it passed that test. Fast Molasses and the Flavored Blacks were good music to have in the background, but I wasn’t listening to them as intently as I meant to.

As I said, the museum is a weird venue to have a show. It makes it hard to listen to anything intently. The acoustics are crazy in that everything blends together unless you are standing in the right spot. It’s like when you go lake swimming and you find that one warm spot in otherwise cold water. Not the spot where someone pissed, mind you…the other one. The good one. Yeah…the Akron Art Museum is the sonic equivalent to that lake.

Anyway, we had fun, although we were both yawning by the end (which was before 9PM. We’re freakin’ old!) We enjoyed ourselves, and I would definitely go see the Walkies again. Hell, I’d give Fast Molasses another chance in a different venue better suited for them . But you won’t catch me wearing girl jeans. I’m too old for that shit.


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That’s pretty much it.

Except I just realized something and I’m going to call bullshit on this ‘Old and tired’ thing. When you’re young and in college, you take naps. I just remembered this. Everyone does it. So what if you get 3 hours a night, almost everyone I knew did that, but they got about 8+ during the day by napping. The Adult World of Modern America expects you to be completely awake and doing stuff for the 16+ hours we call a normal day. All those younger people are well rested! That’s all it is. This also applies if you’re like 24, but work in the cool record store or as a part-time barista. Those people are still more well-rested.

The 24 year olds with a full time job and 7 credit hours worth of classes I’m meeting now? Those people are tired too.

Comment by Jayson

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