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Brutal ambient is the future. by Jayson
January 22, 2010, 11:09 am
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I like really boring cutting edge “experimental” music. You, however, will hate this.

Brutal ambient is a term I ripped off from Sports. It works though. At some point as doom metal got weirder and weirder you began to hear more and more drone and ambient one the fringes, until those sounds become whole subgenre’s themseleves. It’s so far out into “experimental” realm that it’s reaching out and heading toward the place a lot of electronic ambient went. Past the drone doom we all know and love, like Sunn0))) you have brutal ambient. It really ends up pushing the boundaries of what you’d call metal. It’s creepy stuff and I really like it.

43 seconds of Sports will tell you if you should listen anymore.

Monsters of PCP


The Crowned Heads of Europe and Black Boned Angel. Slightly more traditional instrumentation. Hell of brutal. Hell of ambient.

Also brutal, pretty much everything on Crucial Blast’s Crucial Bliss CD-R imprint:

Aidan Baker, Interior

AUN, Multigone

Hedorah: Black Walls

Hedorah get’s points for a nice layout too.

Brutal ambient is the next southern black metal.



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Hedorah’s packaging is NICE.

Comment by jaynova

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