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The Bargain Bin by jason
January 21, 2010, 11:04 am
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Ok…I probably don’t need to explain this, but I buy CDs in the bargain section of my local music store (The Exchange in my neck of the woods, though I don’t actually live in the woods; I live in the ghetto. Jayson lives in the woods). Then, I review the CDs based on the value I got from them. The only real rule here is that I don’t pay more than $5 for any one CD.


Manic Street Preachers-Generation Terrorists
The story behind this album is that The band decided that they were going to release one album, that it would sell more copies than Guns n’ Roses Appetite for Destruction, and then they would break up. They were wrong on all counts, though the album was hugely popular.

Honestly…I don’t get it. It sounds a bit like hair metal to me. You know…lots of guitars with the treble turned way up. Men with high voices yelling. It might have been cool back in the day, but now it just sounds like more noise to me.

There are a couple of good songs. “Little Baby Nothing,” which features Traci Lords, is decent enough, and I think I’m going to do “Motorcycle Emptiness” at karaoke next week (yes, they have it!), but I won’t listen to this album very much. MSP’s The Holy Bible is much better.

So…getting out J.A.Y.N.O.V.A., my supercomputer that I built from a paperclip, some duct tape, and a working supercomputer I “found,” I plugged this into the jaynova bargain bin algorithm. Not a great album, but it does have over 70 minutes of music, and I only paid $2.50 for it. I’ll give it a 5 out of 10.

Here’s “Motorcycle Emptiness,” one of the few songs that does not sound like hair metal to me.

The Concretes-In Colour
Now this is something I can get behind. The Concretes are a twee/chamber pop band from Sweden. This was their second album, and the last one with lead singer Victoria Bergsman, who you may know as the woman singing on Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks.”

Anyway, if you know what twee sounds like, this sounds like that, except that it isn’t as upbeat as most twee, and there are some definite country influences on a few of the songs.

I don’t think that I dislike any of the songs, and I love “On the Radio,” “Your Call,” and “Sunbeams.”

What does the J.A.Y.N.O.V.A. supercomputer say? I mean, besides “blip blip blip”? 8.5 out of 10. Hey, the computer don’t lie, Holmes. I would have gladly paid full price for this.

Here’s a video for you: The Concretes-“On the Radio”


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