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Cash Grab by Jayson
January 20, 2010, 10:21 am
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Looks like we’re going to have a new Johnny Cash album really soon. Straight from No Depression, we have the official press release. I’m going to guess because World Painted Blood sucked so much, Rick Rubin can’t afford a Weezer Snuggie and is looking for something that will be guaranteed sales.

I find this kind of weird. If Cash was worried that the last thing he recorded was American IV, why wasn’t this released more quickly after his death? Not even right after, like maybe a year or two? I will tell you what though, I’m buyin’ it. Even if it’s just Cash messing around in the studio, it’ll be worth a listen. Hell, the Unearthed boxed set is 4 discs of that and it’s 100% worthwhile. I know a lot of people thought American IV was terrible, but I maintain that even the worst thing a musician like Johnny Cash did is still head and shoulders above a lot of the best things other musicians do. I mean, the only reason Nine Inch Nails ever had for existing is so he could cover “Hurt” on IV.

Under the headline of ‘Bands No One But Jayson Cares About’ one-cover-hit-wonders Urge Overkill are back together and recording! I’m actually more stoked about this than I am for the Soundgarden reunion. I may end up eating it on this, but as one of the two people who bought and loved Exit the Dragon, I’m excited for new material.



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