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The Feeling of Being in Motion Again by jason
January 10, 2010, 1:25 pm
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by jason

Ok…I’ve been mostly away from the internet for the last few weeks, but luckily, Jayson had a lot to say this week, so there was no dead air. Ironically, this week, my only source of music news has been this blog. Because I’ve been away, I’m just now catching up with the things that went on outside of To Eleven, and one of those things is The Mountain Goats’ Tiny Desk Concert on NPR.

I was glad to see that Darnielle decided to play a couple songs that were not from his last album. I realize the dude’s gotta promote the new shit, but his last album is my least favorite (Or, at least, it hasn’t grown on me yet).

Anyway, he starts with “Color in Your Cheeks,” which is off of one of my favorite tMG albums, All Hail West Texas. It’s great on the album, but the thing about the Mountain Goats is that Darnielle puts so much into the live performances that they are almost always better, and the older songs tend to evolve as he plays them. This version, for instance, is much quieter and thoughtful than the album version.

Next is “Hebrews 11:40,” along with some of JD’s trademark stage banter. This song is one of my favorites off of the aforementioned latest album, The Life of the World tp Come. This one hasn’t had much time to evolve, and it pretty much sounds like the studio version, albeit with fewer instruments. It’s a decent song.

The third song is “Psalms 40:2,” which, if you saw tMG on The Colbert Report, you’ve already heard. This one looks like it’s going to destroy him. That’s what I like about the live show…even if the song isn’t one of my favorites, I still love watching him do it. Dude looks like his head’s going to pop.

The final song is “Going to Georgia.” I love this song. One day, I went all over YouTube looking for live performances of this. It is one of those songs that brings tears to my eyes for no discernable reason, and it did it this time, too, even though he screws it up in the middle. Frickin’ rad.

Anyway, if you’re a tMG fan, watch this, and if you’ve never heard of them before, you haven’t been reading my posts. Either way, watch this short concert, then go buy some of his albums. you know you want to!


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