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Reunion action by Jayson
January 4, 2010, 1:45 am
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So, the big news is that Soundgarden are officially back together.

I’m pretty ambivalent about it. I love(d) these guys, but this smacks of the 10 12 year, lack of success based cash grab that I talked about Coalesce avoiding. The main reason I’m not thrilled is Chris. Homeboy has spent the last dozen years on a highly successful credibility destroying program. Now we’re left to question both his creative competency and his ability to sing.

So what’re we getting? Tour obviously. I find myself wondering if it’s going to be one of those $90 ticket things. Album? Is it going to be terrible like everything Chris has been associated with since Soundgarden’s demise? I find myself thinking that I’ll be surprised if it isn’t. The worst thing is, I’m going subject myself to it, whatever it is, even though the odds are I’ll be $90 poorer and my golden memories of seeing them in 96 will be tarnished.

The other reunion on my mind is the Murder City Devils.

They got back together last year sometime, after doing one show in 2006. Compared to the Soundgarden reunion, this one is killing me. The Devils are one of my favorite bands of all time.  I’m super excited about it. This is mainly because I believe that Spencer Moody (and the band) still have it. Compared to Soundgarden, I’ve got my wallet out for the Devils. Unfortunately their extremely relaxed approach to reuniting is killing me. Are they going to do a full tour eventually or just play dates here and there? Is there going to be a new album? Maybe just a new live album? Throw me a bone here guys.

More importantly are they going to play Cleveland? Please, if by some strange chance any of them read this: PLEASE PLAY CLEVELAND! The only time I got to see them do a proper, full set was on their (then) final tour. I also got to hang out with Spencer. He won’t remember, but it was a big deal for me. So yeah, come back.

(because I care more about the Devils at this point and you are less likely to have heard them)


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we always loved Cleveland.

Comment by murder city devils

looking forward to seeing you ❤

Comment by Jayson

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