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Free by Jayson
December 17, 2009, 4:52 pm
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Thinking that I (we) should post more, I came up with the easiest thing to do, write some lists. This’ll get old fast but this one is guaranteed to be the good one.

Free music:

Planks: S/T LP
Planks think they’re ‘gothic metal,’ I think they’re nauticalcore, this roars way more than it mopes.

Dangermouse & Sparklehorse & David Lynch: Dark Night of the Soul
This features a bunch of vocalists like the guy from Flaming Lips and the guy from Grandaddy. It sounds like that. This never got released because of some legal what have you. If you are strong in the way of the internet, like even a bit you can find this to download.

Batillus: S/T EP
I have gone on at length about loving these guys. Crushing. Monolithic. Go download.

Kowloon Walled City: Gambling on the Richter Scale & Turk St. EP
Same again. Get these now if you didn’t the first 34 times I talked about them.

Snailface: S/T
Side project by the KWC guys, a really different sound, worth checking out.

CELESTE: Misanthrope(s)
Blackened doom sludge. To me this is verging on old school noise rock, either way, it’s really good.

Kodiak: S/T
From ze Germany, Kodiak show American breados how the shit is done. One album, two tracks, all instrumental heaviness.

Greg Ginn & Texas Taylor Corrugators: Goof Off Experts & Bent Edge
This was also discussed much earlier. I can’t really recommend this completely but this is your chance to out-snob your friends and/or ruin some punker’s lives.

Abyssed: Abyssed/Yhdarl/Bleak Emptiness Split

Abyssed are one of those one-man ambient black metal operations. You also get to check out Yhdarl and Bleak Emptiness, I know you were hoping for that. Sounds a lot like Xasthur.

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