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My…um…list for 2009 by jason
December 11, 2009, 5:27 pm
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by jason

OK. Jayson posted his top 10 list for the year, and I was going to do the same, except that this year was the year of the back catalogue for me. Therefore, I haven’t heard 10 albums that were made this year. Instead of a top 10 list, then, I’ll talk about what I have heard this year.


The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice-Moon Colony Bloodbath epThis was the tour ep for the Gone Primitive Tour. It’s a concept ep about people who work at the secret body harvesting colony on the moon, and what happens to a person when they experience the kind of isolation you can only find while watching over bodies in suspended animation on the moon. There’s a song about canibalism! Canibalism! Great stuff if you can find it. I managed to get the limited edition green vinyl copy. Not that I’m bragging.

The Flaming Lips-Embryonic
I know I’ve talked shit about The Flaming Lips before, but this album is very good. It’s much darker than their previous albums. It’s still strange…I’m sure there were many, many illicit chemicals involved in the making of this album. MGMT and Karen O make guest appearances (Karen O is particularly charming on “I Can Be A Frog”). This was a staple of my NaNoWriMo diet.

The Lonely Island-Incredibad
I almost didn’t buy this one. I wasn’t sure I could afford to buy a novelty album, but this is funny shit. You’ve seen videos for many of these songs on SNL (“Like a Boss,” “I’m On A Boat,” “Jizz in My Pants”), but some of the other tracks are great, too. My favorites might be “Boombox”, which features Julian Casablancas, and “Dream Girl” featuring Nora Jones. This was a two disc set, and the second disc has about 20 minutes of videos.

The Pains of Being Pure of Heart-The Pains of Being Pure of HeartThis was one that I have only gotten a chance to listen to a few times, but I was really impressed with it. They kind of sound like Belle and Sebastian if B & S used distortion and played everything twice as fast. “Young Adult Friction” is a great song about losing one’s virginity in a library.

The Duke & the King-Nothing Gold Can Stay
Pretty awesome AM ’70s style pop from Simone Felice, formerly of the Felice Brothers. I found out about these guys from Daytrotter. I’ve reviewed this already HERE.

Morrissey-Years of RefusalIt’s Morrissey. He’s mopey, and he sings about ambiguously gendered love interests. On this album, he’s pretty angry. Not much else to say…it’s worth buying.

Silversun Pickups-SwoonA lot of my friends love these guys, so I bought their album. It’s not bad…it’s just kind of bland. The lead singer’s voice is overproduces and sounds like the guy’s been sucking helium. It reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins. But really, do we need another Smashing Pumpkins?

The Mountain Goats-The Life of the World to Come
You can’t spin gold all the time, and out of, what? 17 albums? this is the only Mountain Goats album that I am not in love with. It might have been in the “Meets expectations” category if it had been from anyone other than tMG. I dunno. Maybe it will grow on me. I didn’t like Get Lonely when it came out, but now, I love that album. I gave it a full review HERE.

So…this year’s closing thoughts:

It was a strange year. I met John Darnielle and John Vanderslice, I fell out of love, I sang a LOT of freaking karaoke. In the last two months, I met a nice girl to share music and laughter with. All in all, I think that despite the bad shit that’s happened, I’ve got a lot of reasons to be happy. Even if the latest Mountain Goats album wasn’t very good.


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Bah! I forgot about John Vanderslice-Romanian Names!!! It’s a great album. Nowhere near as dark as Emerald City. The title track and the song “Fetal Horses” are the highlights, in my opinion.

Comment by jaynova

[…] my “Best of the Year” post last year, I listed The Duke and the King’s Nothing Gold Can Stay as one of my favorite […]

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