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Who wants to be my friend? by Jayson
November 30, 2009, 4:22 am
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by Jayson

Remember when I said I was going to do this as a semi-regular feature? This is as semi regular as it gets.

Winter Realm
Black Metal

From the frostbitten wilderness of Florida come Winter Realm. Sorry, I find that super extra awesome and hilarious. Florida! Ok, got it out of my system. These guys aren’t bad. They’re poking the soft spot I have for atmospheric black metal. The thing that’s holding them back seems to be the recording quality, unless they’re doing that on purpose.
Friend: Yes
Buy: Maybe

Dark Metamorphosis
Black Metal

Ok… This is a new thing. I am telling you about it first. Southern Black Metal is officially a thing! From the frostbitten wasteland of South Carolina comes these guys. This is more terribly recorded than Winter Realm, but I am totally digging it. These guys threw a riff in here that made me think one of them listened to Electric Wizard one time.
Friend: Yes
Buy: Yes

Heavy Water Experiments

Sorry guys, just not feeling it. Maybe if you were a black metal band from Alabama. Seriously though. This really isn’t experimental or psychedelic the way I like it, which is more like Minsk or Church of Ra. What it is, is some really kind of poppy, mellow space rock type stuff. Which isn’t to say it’s bad, I just don’t like it. I think it’s too mellow for me. This is perfectly acceptable, good music for any number of people who are not me.
Friend: No
Buy: No


This is Militia from back in the day. Back in the day Militia. Like, formed kinda near the death of thrash but loved by thrash aficionados Militia. This is neither bad nor good. I guess these dudes are back together to get a little of that thrash revival money, nothing wrong with that. I am digging the killer falsetto however I demand my thrash to be the highest quality of recordings. Sounding like you’ve recorded it through a tape deck only works if you’re Dark Metamorphosis or the Bad Brains.
Friend: Yes
Buy: No

Sleepers Awake

Sleepers Awake are friends with all my favorite bands. Like… 9 of them. They are a progressive rock band from the state here. The singer sings nice, almost like when Serj sang nice if Serj could just have sung a lot better. Not really my thing, but it’s pretty decent. It sounds a little serious for me.
Friend: Yes
Buy: Maybe

Death Metal/Experimental/Hyphy

You know, I have never been the world’s biggest death metal fan. This is pretty weird stuff. They are being a lot more serious about the experimental than Heavy Water Experiments. The experimental parts are weird guitar bursts, not unlike the jazz scale pre-breakdown riffing of progressive technical death metal. Their general weirdness and semi-decent metal art of demons and volcanoes is cool.
Friend: Yes
Buy: Yes

About 500 other bands wanted to be friends with me, but MySpace doesn’t keep those things forever. I will try and be more on top of this since I know the readership loves it.

Remember, you are hearing it first, Southern Black Metal.


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