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Weezer should retire already. by jason
November 4, 2009, 1:00 pm
Filed under: Failure

by jason

OK. I do not hate Weezer. I swear. You may have gotten that impression that I do in a previous post. But I don’t. We’ve had some good times…I just think we’ve grown apart. You know. I’m looking for something more serious in a musical relationship. I’m interested in thought-provoking lyrics that punch you right in the chest. Weezer’s into…Snuggies.

Yeah. I saw THIS STORY on Under The Radar’s website. Apparently, you can order one of the official Weezer Snuggies and get a free copy of the new CD, Raditude. For $30 or so, you get the standard blue snuggie with the Weezer logo, and for $50, you get the zebra print on.

Buy the new album, get a Snuggie. A damn Snuggie.

Is this a lame attempt at being ironic? Is it a display of genuine love for Snuggies? A cheap marketing ploy?

In any event, I’m sorry, Rivers…you gotta go turn in your rock star card.

Here’s a related video:


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