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I saw it die! by Jayson
October 5, 2009, 2:07 pm
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A couple weeks back Metal Sucks posted about this shirt:


Which is both completely hilarious and terrible, and resulted in some awful and hilarious posts about whether punk is dead or alive and why, which you should go read.

Myself, I saw punk die with my own eyes. Twice.

In the early part of the decade I was in art school in Cleveland. In the English literature class that I could not avoid taking,  I decided to strike up a conversation with a fellow classmate named Tony. Tony was, for lack of a better way to describe him, what the NOFX called “the punkest motherfucker I ever did see.” He was one of those Sex Pistols/ Spirit of 77 punks; ornate for lack of a better adjective. That day he was wearing a jacket where he spelled out the slogan ‘No Future’ on the back by cutting the letters out of various t-shirts and safety pinning them on.

I said “So I understand their importance to the genre, but I never actually liked the Sex Pistols that much on their own merits.”

To which Tony replied “Huh?”

To which I replied “The Sex Pistols.”

To which he replied “What about them?”

Me again “Your back, No Future, that’s their most famous lyric.”

Him “Oh, I didn’t know that was them.”

Tony just liked to make his own clothes. He was a really nice guy actually. I assume he became a fashion design major and is really successful.

A year or two later…

I am going to a show with one of my friends at the Euclid Tavern (before it’s closing and hippy-dippy-raver dance bar reopening) to see a punk show. The headliner was one of her favorite bands. A good time was had by all. At the conclusion of the show I was waiting for her outside the club (we were going back to school, more work to do). While I was waiting I overheard a punk rock couple judging the relative punkness of the exiting audience, using a complicated internal calculus memorized by all true punks, to decide if any of said audience was punk enough to be there. Most of us were not.

So what kind of hardcore, establishment challenging punk rock were we there to see. Bands that were still about taking it to the man, or taking to the streets or both, right? The bill was:

The Queers (with many Beach Boys influenced hits such as Punk Rock Girls)

The Independents (who do a ska cover of Danzig’s Mother, seriously.)

Dynamite Boy (who do a really faithful cover of AC/DC’s TNT)

At least they weren’t also begging for change.

(for a bonus, a year after that I saw clean, well groomed college girls wearing Anti-Flag babydolls at the Warped Tour)

((Yes I was at the Warped Tour, the Murder City Devils were playing. So was Kool Keith.))

I wish they all were punk rock girls.


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Punk’s not dead! It’s just been neutered, cleand up, and given a respectable job in advertising.

I expect to hear “I Wanna Be Sedated” on an Ambien commercial soon.

Comment by jaynova

Dogg, it’s dead.

Comment by Jayson

No! It’s alive and well, and it’s living in the pages of every Brian Wood comic! The cool kids will change the world!

Comment by jaynova

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