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The Bargain Bin by jason
October 4, 2009, 9:48 pm
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by jason

I like music. One of my biggest problems in life is that I’m broke all the time, which of course means that I can’t buy as much music as I’d like. That’s why when I do buy CDs, I tend to go to the local used music store (it’s The Exchange, formerly The Record Exchange, around these parts).

The cool thing about used music stores, and The Exchange in particular, is that they have a bargain section. Here, you can get CDs for $5 or less. Which I do. More often than I should.

In what is probably going to be a recurring column here at …to Eleven, I present what I bought at The Bargain Bin.

Superdrag-Regretfully Yours.Superdrag - Regretfully Yours - 1996

I became interested in finding this album after Superdrag did a session at Daytrotter. You probably all remember the sole hit that they had in the ’90s. If not, here’s the video.

Yeah! That song! That’s pretty much why I bought the album…I want to practice that song in case they have it at karaoke this Friday. If you like that song, you’ll probably like the album. While “Sucked Out” is the catchiest song on Regretfully Yours, all the songs have that same post-grunge guitar-pop sound that the one hit has. I’ve given the album a few listens, and it all kind of blends together, though “Carried,” “Destination Ursa Major,” “and Nothing Good is Real” stand out.

The album pretty much sounds like my early college days.

So how would I rate it? Well, since it’s a Bargain Bin item, I have to rate it as to how much of a value I figure it is. I payed $2.50 for it. So, using the top secret “jaynova Bargain Bin Algorithm (patent pending),” I’d give it 7 out of 10 stars. I’d be curious to hear what these guys have done later, and it’s cool that they recently reunited.

The National-Boxer

The National is another band that I recently listened to on Daytrotter, and they did an awesome (though no longer available) cover of “Pretty in Pink” on the site.

I’ve been looking for Boxer at the Exchange for a while, so I was surprised to find it not only at the store this time, but in the bargain bin for $5!

Anyway, so we’re on the same page, here’s an unofficial (though stunning) video for “Fake Empire,” the first track:

As you can hear, the opening track is beautiful and haunting. The entire album varies from sounding kind of like this song to like Interpol without all the instruments. The real stand out tracks are the aforementioned “Fake Empire,” “Slow Show,” “Apartment Story,” and “Gospel.”

I’d probably best describe the slow songs as “Songs you would hear between segments on NPR’s This American Life,” and the faster ones as “Songs you would hear between segments on NPR’s Marketplace.” If that means anything to you, then you’ll know if you’d like this album. I most certainly did.

How would I rate it? Again, on that sliding scale, and taking into account that I paid $5 for it, I’d give it 9 out of 10 stars. A great album that I would have been happy paying full price for.

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I thought these guys were the ones that sucked out the feeling. Pavement, dogg. That’s all I’m saying.

Comment by Jayson

[…] Boxer-The National I didn’t even start listening to this one until just recently, but it stayed on my rotation for a good month, and I still put it on. It’s just a solid album that works well as background music, but also holds up to a close listening. I reviewed it HERE. […]

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