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Out of College, Money Spent by jason
September 25, 2009, 2:45 pm
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by jason

I hate the internet. See, before I became so cyber that I make William Gibson, author of Neuromancer look like William Gibson, author of The Miracle Worker, money was much harder to spend. If I wanted to buy music, I had to drive (or hitch a ride…I didn’t have a car pre-internet) out to the local music store (It was Quonset Hut, back then…those were the days!), and buy from what they had in stock. This meant that there was a lot of music I didn’t get a chance to hear, or if I did, I could only get ahold of select recordings.

Now, with the Inturwebz, I can blow my entire paycheck the day I get it, all while sitting at my computer at work! And that’s what I started working on today.

I headed over to Beggars Group to preorder my copy of The Mountain Goats-The Life of the World to Come on vinyl. Unfortunately, I missed out on the limited edition purple vinyl version, but whatever. With the discount I got from them, but also with Shipping and Handling, I paid about $20. That’s not too bad for a double vinyl album, but I dropped the money today and now I have to wait almost 2 weeks to get that piece.

After that, I headed over to Bark and Hiss records to look around. These guys are a musical collective out of Akron who produce (and who basically ARE) one of my favorite bands, Trouble Books. Anyway, I noticed that they have re-released Talons’ album Rustic Bullshit on CD-R with a hand-stamped brown envelope. Six dollars later, and it’s heading to my mailbox in a few days.

I thought I was done shopping when I noticed the limiited-to-13-copies split cassette tape Stray Dogs #1, by Moustache Mountian and Constant Comment (Basically, the solo projects of Talons’ and Trouble Books’ lead singers, respectively), with hand-stamped packaging. Another six dollars gone.

I wish I could say I’m done buying music for this paycheck, but the Interwebz haven’t stopped me from heading to the local music store. If I’m not bankrupt by the end of the weekend, it’ll be a miracle.

UPDATE: After posting this, I was reminded by Jayson that Murder By Death had this limited edition project they did. So I dropped another $13. Jayson, you bastard!

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Ironically, I still don’t have a car. The more things change…

Comment by jaynova

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