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Break-Up Mix-Tape by jason
September 15, 2009, 12:34 pm
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by jason

So, this weekend, my girlfriend of three years and I split up. I find myself asking, “What’s the best way to move past these last three years and move on to a new, single life?” Why, creating a hypothetical break-up mix tape and posting it on the blog, of course! So, here are ten songs of loss, anger, acceptance, and healing to listen to when you and your significant other uncouple. I’m trying to include songs for the dumper, the dumpee, and everything in between.

NOTE: I’m sure that by reading this, you’ll notice the fundamental differences between Jayson and me…

Woke Up New-The Mountain Goats
Gone for Good-The Shins
No Distance Left to Run-Blur
I’m Waking up to Us-Belle and Sebastian
For No One-The Beatles
Heaven Help the New Girl-The Long Blondes
It’s Over Now-Papas Fritas
It Don’t Move Me-Peter Bjorn and John
I’m OK by Myself-Morrissey
Somewhere There’s a Feather-Nico

Any songs you think should be on here? Disagree with any of my choices? Well, that’s what the comment box is for, yo!


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“For No One-The Beatles”

I cannot explain to you how much I love this song. Even when I’m not going through an emotional upset it just.. gets me. Love it.

Comment by Sara

That song actually helped me during a break-up in 8th grade…

Comment by jaynova

I think you need to pick up Converge’s Jane Doe album.

Comment by Jayson

Bah! I can’t believe I forgot “Going to Marrakesh” by The Extra Glenns! Not as much a break-up song as a just-before-a-break-up song…

Comment by jaynova

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