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Who wants to be my friend? by Jayson
September 14, 2009, 5:22 pm
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by Jayson

At this point we all know that MySpace is the ghetto of social networking sites. Despite no longer being cool, it’s become the default place to check out music. In what I hope will be a semi-regular feature I will look at who currently wants to to be my friend.

Chapel of Thieves
I think this band thinks I might be up for it because I am friends with the Murder City Devils. This band sounds vaguely informed by the Devil’s sound. They have the same thing going with the keyboard/organ. They have an attractive lady singer and the band has kind of the retro-spooky thing going on that you get in a lot of psychobilly; but there is only a biscuit of psychobilly in the sound. They really aren’t too bad, but their sound also doesn’t do a ton for me. I think I would like this much more if I either took myself a lot more or a lot less seriously.
Friend: Yes
Would I buy their music?: Maybe. More likely if I saw them live.

Jolly’s little genres thing won’t render on the page. They did however send a message stating their influences to be Isis, Avenged Sevenfold, Symphony X and more.
That is some kind of… spread there. Damn guys, that’s 3 bands about whom nothing could be said to be in common other than general heaviness. Their sound is really all over the place. The first track I listened to sounds more like Pleasure Forever with the prominent piano. The second has the ‘heavy opening riff’ the third is contains bits both Isis and Symphony X alright. This band also has a few paragraphs about how their cd contains binaural tones, which science has proven that will make you smarter and more energetic, fitter, happier, more productive, etc. There is a disclaimer about how the MySpace tracks don’t have binaural tones, so you’re fucked if you thought you were going to become more awesome by listening to Jolly without buying anything. I have no idea how I feel about this. Maybe it’s good? Parts of songs are good? Maybe I should get this for the medicinal benefits? Remember what I said about general heaviness? Jolly are not as heavy as any of their influences.
Friend: I guess…?
Would I buy their music?: If I get really serious about self improvement, past that, probably not.

They Live
Man… This band is illustrates a realization I had a long time ago, the Misfits ruined music. Everyone loves the Misfits, and they should. During that era when Danzig’s sense of humor was still intact they basically wrote nothing but hits. The problem is you can’t base a genre, in this case horror rock, around one band. Almost no band inspired by the Misfits has been able to come anywhere close to them. At best there are a small handful like American Werewolves and Balzac that are fun. At worst you get awful bullshit psychobilly like Necromantix and Horrorpops. But yeah, this band is one of those bands that can’t hack it. The best thing about these guys is their name and they have a cool logo that they got out of one of those royalty free image books of old engravings.
Friend: No
Would I buy their music?: No.

Greg Ginn & The Texas Corrugators
Psychedelic/Jam Band/Western Swing
Hooooleeeee shit…. So this is what Greg Ginn is up to. This is interesting. Everyone who overlaps on the Venn diagram of ‘into old school punk’ and ‘music nerd’ knows that Greg Ginn is a hippie. You can find an old pic of him playing with Black Flag wearing a Grateful Dead shirt and he stated that the Dead where his favorite band somewhere. Greg Ginn hasn’t been on my radar at all since my teen years. Anyone knows me outside of this blog knows I hate hippies. Jam band music is probably my least favorite music in the entire world. Real talk, the Dead ‘won’ by default. As the only hippie era band of consequence to not have their driving personality die they became the default sound of the ‘modern’ hippie, spawning legions of imitators. Think about it. In some better universe where Jerry had eaten the peach in the day but Jimi lived, we’d have a shitload of bands playing rad acid-blues. Instead we got 40 minute drum solos and meandering directionless music as the default. But I digress. Greg Ginn is also on the record as being into some really heavy jazz stuff and it shows here. This sounds exactly like the little three genres thing. At it’s best, its either rocking like Captain Beefhart’s Trout Mask Replica sans vocals or rocking the western swing elements. At it’s worst it’s terrible hippie jam music that just goes ‘do-do-dododo-do’ over and over. Because he is still making a lot of Black Flag and Descendents moneh, both of this current effort’s albums are available as free downloads.
Friend: Yes
Would I buy their music?: Well I didn’t have to, I did download both of albums though.
(Even though I’m trying to be cute about these reviews. Greg Ginn has unimpeachable credibility, he can do anything he wants to. He rescues stray cats. He is a rad dude.)

Lake of Blood
Black Metal/Metal/Other
All. Right. These guys are black metal very much in the vein of Wolves in the Throne Room and Deathspell Omega. Sort of that post-Norwegian-black metal black metal sound. I really dig this. All the tracks on their profile are totally solid. I’ve been flirting with black metal for a while and I really have liked with this new school has to offer. These guys also throw in some Immortal-eque ‘Uh!’s’ and have some solid riffage going on. I have the least to say about the band in this offering I like the most.
Friend: Yes
Would I buy their music?: Yes


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HAHAHA! Lake of Blood is the exact opposite of what I would listen to!

Chapel of Thieves sounded alright. I’d listen to them, but I’d have to hear more before I would decide if I really liked them.

Jolly seemed OK, too, but I hate their name.

They Live? Not really my thing, but inoffensive.

I hate Jam Bands. We can agree on that.

Comment by jaynova

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